Buses, Trains and Relationships

We’ve been fortunate enough to witness some of Hollywood’s greatest cinematic moments that have taken place on a bus or train. There’s something about the long ride and winding roads that lead to new friendships and unexpected experiences. We chose a few outstanding films featuring our favorite scenes on the road. Book your next bus or train ticket with Wanderu and perhaps stumble upon your next destined adventure.

1.  Forrest Gump (1994)
It’s hard to forget the scene on the bus when Forrest Gump meets who would be the love of his life, Jenny. In one of the most memorable scenes of the movie, Jenny politely invites Forrest to sit next to her when everyone else on the bus had already refused him a seat. What would later turn to be an ultimately beautiful companionship all started with the invitation to an empty seat on a bus. Remember this next time you see someone looking for a seat!

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Traveling on Thanksgiving? Why You Should Be Thankful

Most Americans are well aware that Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time of the year. If you’re one of the 94.5 million Americans traveling over 50 miles for that turkey gravy, chances are that once you finally make it home you’ll be griping about the heavy traffic, flight delays, or other travel-related headaches.

But how many of us stop to think, on the day we are supposed to be most grateful for our blessings, how lucky we are to have these modes of transportation at our disposal? I’m guessing you’ve probably never heard this around the dinner table: “I’m grateful for this delicious meal with my family, our good health, and the railroad tracks that brought me home in time.”

So to help you get in the spirit of gratitude for the many travel luxuries we often take for granted, here is a throwback to what travel used to be like in the U.S. (Makes that baby crying next to you the entire flight, not seem so bad, doesn’t it?!)

Traveling in America in 1621

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The best of Montreal: Where to go, eat, and stay

Montreal is about as close as you can get to Europe without leaving the North American continent. Considered the cultural capital of Canada, Montreal is famous for its French cuisine, sophisticated fashion, underground city, and plethora of attractions—not to mention its frigid winters.

If you’re visiting the city of poutine and jazz (ideally between April-October), there’s one area you don’t want to miss: Vieux-Montreal, or the Old Port. With buildings dating to the 17th century lining the narrow, cobblestone streets, you’ll feel like you time-travelled to France. Don’t speak French? Have no fear: your all-in-one guide to the best of Montreal is here!

Like most cities, there is more to do in Montreal than can be experienced in one vacation. Here are our top 5 picks:

  1. Take a stroll down Rue Saint Paul, the oldest street in Montreal. Be sure to stop and eat at one of the many prize-winning restaurants along the way.
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Top 10 Music Festivals This Summer

Summer is synonymous with beaches, ice cream, barbecues and fireworks. It is also synonymous with music festivals. Each year, the best artists in the world gather to play in front of crowds numbering in the thousands. Here are the 10 best upcoming festivals this summer.

10) Outside Lands
Kanye West. Tom Petty. Tiësto. Macklemore. Few festivals offer the best of a wide array of genres. Outside Lands gives you it all. The festival also features a wine tasting section, beer garden, and art gallery. Basically, its all San Fran has to offer, with some killer music. Sign me up.

Where: San Francisco
When: August 8th-10th

Outside Lands_SF

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Our Instagram Favorites #fave

Instagram is the newest and trendiest social network. It’s all about taking pictures, using the most awesome filter, and topping it off with the perfect #hashtag ! You can find pictures about any topic: travel, art, news, architecture, food, cars, etc…
Here are our favorite Instagram profiles:

1. @thewildtraveller: “Never a dull moment.”1

2. @citytrip_me: “City trip inspire your next urban trip! We share fresh and cool photos from the most beautiful cities in the world! We credit all photographers.”2

3. @everydayafrica: “Photographers living and working in Africa, finding the extreme not nearly as prevalent as the familiar, the everyday.”4

4. @nihilisten: “The people we meet. The photos we take.”5

5. @earthpix: “Amazing pictures of places, people, animals and nature.”12

6. @vacation_bucket_list: “Tag your vacation photos to #vacation_bucket_list or tag me in them. I always check and maybe I’ll post yours! Follow if you need a vacation.”6

7. @greatesttravels: “Follow my and others Travels with INFO of the locations. To be featured follow & tag #Greatesttravels.”7

8. @vacationplace: “Need a Vacation? Travel with us to the Best Vacation Places in the world.”

9. @maialetti: “Philadelphia Daily News / Philadelphia Inquirer / All posts Iphone.”9

10. @bythebrush: “I paint & belong with @nicholasjared.”10

11. @travelingtheworldd: “Love traveling the world ! Pictures of places I’ve been to places I can’t wait to go to !”

12. @travelandleisure: “The World’s Leading Travel Magazine Brand.”13

13.  @theexpeditioners: “Explore. Discover. Dream. Be inspired. My other half is @expeditionersbella. All photos by Roberto (me) & Bella.”14

14. @thepassportlifestyle: “Photographer / Travel Writer with an incurable case of wanderlust.”16

15. @humansofny: “New York City, one story at a time.”15

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