Follow the frog – the power of storytelling


Mediums change.

CD’s are not as common – and will never become common again – and who cares. It’s also true about turntables, and minidiscs, and even iPods – not to mention Walkman, radios, and boomboxes.

But we still listen to music. And we’d probably always keep listening to it.

The same thing goes for storytelling – while we see newspapers vanish one after another, and the TV that we all grew on – and was the strongest medium we could have thought of  making less revenues year by year thanks to services like Hulu and Netflix (and in my opinion – it’d still be very strong, but for many other different reasons, like a very big and great UI and super-personalization), we would still consume movies.

And that’s true about photo-taking, books publishing, and every other medium we can think of, and there’s one thing that we need to remember –

all of those mediums were here in order to tell a story.

And we – as human beings – will keep on consuming, and creating those stories.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s going to be on YouTube or in NBC, if it’s a good story we’d consume it.

The tempo, design and presentation would keep on changing – stories becoming faster, more summarized and concise – and still – it’d answer the same basic human need of hearing a story, or telling a story: expectations, feelings, knowledge ,emotions, characters will always be there, no matter what the medium might be.

And it’s super-important for everyone who’s building a company and wants to tell his own story – the medium would change, and the ‘marketing strategy’ and ‘brand building & awareness creation’ would be very different from they were 10 years ago, but as long as you’re talking to humans, in any sort of level, they’d still hear your story, as long as it’s a story worth telling.

And here’s how it’s done right, in my opinion, today – with this brilliant commercial “Follow the frog”:


What is it with hip hop?

There’s just something great about it. Walking on a fine line between expressing real feelings in a sincere manner, a playfulness of language & rhythm, and exaggeration.

Whatever it is, it works. For me, a least. Keep having a great day and please, bitches, don’t kill me vibe.


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