So, how does Roomer work?


Did you have to cancel your Vegas trip at the last minute? Or maybe you want to be in New York for New Year’s Eve, but all the hotels are completely booked?

Lucky for you, Roomer’s got your back. We’re here to change the way the travel industry works, and make cancellations a little less of a drag. Our concept is simple: instead of paying a penalty to cancel your trip to Vegas, sell your hotel room to someone looking for a last-minute getaway. Rather than spending your first night of the year sleeping on the subways of NYC, book a discounted hotel room from someone who couldn’t make their New Year’s trip.

What is Roomer, exactly?

Roomer is an secondary marketplace for booking hotel reservations. We connect people who are stuck with nonrefundable reservations with travelers looking for a sweet deal on a hotel room. Person A takes a smaller loss, and Person B scores a heck of a bargain.

And we make it all super easy for you.

So if you can’t make your trip, no big deal. You can post your room on Roomer by sending us a confirmation email or by manually filling out the form on our website.

Meanwhile, you can just sit back, relax, and wait while we do the dirty work. Once you give us the details about your room, we personally validate all of your information. Then we check again…  And we check it one last time, just for good measure.

And voila! Your room will magically show up on our secure site, complete with pictures, information about the hotel, and a map. What’s more?  Our marketing team gets to work promoting your room as soon as it’s posted on Roomer. We’re 100% committed to doing everything that we can to help you sell your reservation. Once your room is booked, we transfer the reservation over from your name and finalize all financial transactions through secure methods. When it comes to making the switch, we take care of everything–saving you time and energy.

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 As for those of you looking to vacation on a budget…

Roomer is as easy as any other travel site–only cheaper and more straightforward. Since you’re buying a room from someone who’s looking to redeem money already lost, reservations are posted at heavily discounted prices. (We repeat, heavily discounted prices.)

Have no doubts–we don’t skimp on security. We go to great lengths to verify all our postings, so you’ll never show up to the check-in counter only to find that you don’t have a hotel room. Your Roomer hotel room will be exactly the same as any other reservation you’ve ever made–only easier on your bank account.

And yeah, we know, it does seem too good to be true. But luckily, we’re for real.

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