Spend the 4th of July in America’s most unique city

During spring break about two years ago, I jetted off from San Francisco to New Orleans, where I visited my sister in her freshman year at Tulane.

Being a guidebook junkie, my little sister was an excellent tour guide, devoting all her free time during that week to showing off her new city.  Don’t get me wrong–I’m no expert.  But due to my sister’s “local” knowledge, I gained some valuable insights about what to see and do in NOLA.


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Hit the beach this summer

Summer’s just around the corner and we know you’ve got the beach on your brain.

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Summer Concerts on a Budget

It’s summer, and we know what you’re thinking–how on earth will I pass all my free hours?!  Well, if you just can’t take another moment of relaxing in the sun, we’ve got some cool ideas to help prevent you from suffocating under a pile of summer reading.

Do you like music and/or saving money?  This summer, several superstars with compassion for their mere peasant fans are selling relatively cheap tickets for music junkies (of every genre) on a budget.

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Nights out in New York City

New York City is notorious for its energetic nightlife scene. Lawyers, accountants, construction workers, and travelers all meet in their favorite bars, pubs or clubs. CEOs and simple workers share beers and titles become irrelevant. They laugh, they cry, they enjoy freedom and independence. There are countless bars to try in NYC and each person develops relationships with certain bars. Here are some of the known (and lesser known) bars for those of you traveling in New York City this summer:

Fiesta – El Rio Grande

Known for its Killer Margaritas, the Rio is a great bar-restaurant with excellent Mexican style food, and even better drinks. I’ve personally visited the Rio several times and always had the time of my life. The prices are fair and crowd is business savvy and relatively young. El Rio Grande – 160 E 38th St, New York, NY 10016


Fancy People – 230 Fifth

A rooftop bar-restaurant made especially for travelers. Breathtaking view and if you are on time, you might get a glance at a New York sunset. The food is American style and the drink prices seem up to par for Manhattan (in other words, you’ll probably find them slightly overpriced). It is always a great to have a nighttime view of NYC’s skyscrapers, it is even greater with a fancy drink in your hand.  230 Fifth – 230 5th Ave New York, NY 10001.

Lucky Charms – Molly’s

Your local Irish pub. If you have been to a good Irish pub before, you know exactly what to expect. Wooden stools, fireplace, and dark walls, The Molly’s is a place to sit down with friends and drink up! The Beer pours like water and the Shepherd’s pie is the perfect munch. Molly’s – 287 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10010.


Rave with Roomer

This week, Las Vegas is hosting its annual Electric Daisy Carnival.  For seven straight days (June 18-25), electronic music fans from around the world will gather to rock out to some of the coolest new electronic artists.

The carnival will feature a lineup including Kascade, Deadmau5, Avicii, Afrojack and about six and a half more days  worth of electronic music.  So if you’ve been avoiding all lines of communication other than the Roomer Blog and this post is your first time hearing of EDC, you can still get your tickets on StubHub.

Whether you’ve been planning on heading to Las Vegas for EDC for a while now but have been slacking when it comes to booking your hotel room, or you’ve just been inspired by this blog post, do not fret–Roomer‘s here to help you reserve a reasonable priced room without the stress.

So for those of you attending, have fun, be safe, and make sure to take some good photos!