Roomer goes worldwide

We’ve got some exciting news hot off the press from Roomer HQ.

I know that you’ve all been twiddling your thumbs in front of a computer screen, anxiously awaiting the day that you’d be able to buy/sell Roomer rooms in Europe, Asia, or any other place on the planet.  Well, that day is finally here, and you, our dear users, no longer have to limit your Roomer vacations to the United States.

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Our Referral Program

Everyone loves a good deal.  And everyone loves spreading the word about a steal of a deal.

Because, first of all, you want to help your friends out.  And second (and more importantly), you want to be able to legitimately brag that you found it first.

So, we’ve devised a way for you not only to prove that you’re the most deal-savvy of them all, while simultaneously saving a little bit of extra dough.  Introducing the brand new, Roomer referral program.

That means that you can pioneer the way on sweet hotel deals by referring your friends to Roomer via your referral link, while earning $45 worth of credit toward your next Roomer room for doing so.

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Lead the way!

What’s better than the royal baby? Selling nonrefundable hotel reservations. And this video.


Save money on your nonrefundable hotel reservation and sell it on Roomer.

Sell Your Nonrefundable Hotel Reservation and Save Lots of Money


This weekend, one lucky traveler saved almost $1300 on a reservation at L’Ermitage Beverly Hills, a five star hotel in beautiful Beverly Hills. Oh–did I say one lucky traveler? I meant two. How? Let me explain.


Outside of L’Ermitage Beverly Hills

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