Eat Your Way Through Paris for a Day

Paris’s iconic Eiffel Tower.

Sure, you’ve had croissants in New York, macarons in San Francisco, or crepes in Chicago, but nobody does French food quite like the French.

We kept all globe-trotting foodies in mind when we created this basic guide to Parisian cuisine. Though keep in mind that this is just your starter-kit–Paris has more good food to eat than we could fit in a single blog post. Bon appetit!

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4 Steps to Planning an Affordable Holiday Getaway

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Until you check your bank account and realize that you’ve got a total of $20 to your name.

As much fun as the holiday season may be, it can also be expensive. Between gifts and travel costs, December can render months of financially responsible decisions for naught. But that should by no means prevent you from traveling this winter.

Here are a few tips to take the burden of traveling off of your wallet.

Airport Santa

To save money, take a hint from Santa and travel on Christmas Eve.

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18 Life Lessons Learned From Travel The World

Thought Catalog

I never thought I would still be nomadic. My original round-the-world trip was only supposed to last one year before I went back home, found a “real” job, settled down, and by now, be married, have a house, 2.5 children, and complain about my retirement fund to my friends.

Yet life took a decidedly different turn and here I am, seven years later, writing this from an overnight train to Copenhagen with the same desire to explore the world and no sign of stopping soon.

After so many years on the road, there are a few life lessons I’ve learned from travel that I never would have learned otherwise and I wanted to share with you today.

1. It’s not that hard.

Every day, people get up, go out the door to travel the world, and survive and thrive. Kids as young as 18 make their way around the world…

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In Photos: 6 Great Wine Destinations

Autumn is upon us once again. For so many of us, the fall season brings with it pleasant weather, astounding colors, and most importantly, pumpkin spice lattes. However, what we usually don’t realize (let alone take advantage of), is that autumn is also the ideal time for a wine tasting getaway.

We’ve put together a brief photo gallery with pictures from six different wine destinations on five different continents.

wine in a vineyard

Fall is the best time to go on a wine-tasting getaway. Not only will you get to experience the most brilliant colors of the year, but you’ll also get to taste the wine fresh from the vine.

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Oktoberfest 2013 in Munich, Germany

This Saturday marks the start of Munich’s 16-day Oktoberfest. The famous beer-fest hosts nearly 6.5 million visitors who consume 7 million liters of beer annually. Sounds like fun to you? It’s not too late to get in on the action.

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