6 Great Destinations to Travel Affordably

Not all currencies are created equally–so if you’re aching to go on an exciting vacation without maxing out your credit card, take advantage of exchange rates when traveling abroad. By choosing a destination wisely, you can get a lot more vacation per dollar (or peso or baht or rupee… etc.).

affordable vacation

So then, which destinations will be the best for your wallet?

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Who is this woman and why does she love Roomer?

fifth grade teacher copy

Julie Anne Culp is encouraging people around the world to share her picture… and all in the name of education.

Julie is no Roomer user, so how’d she make it to our Facebook page?

Julie, a fifth grade teacher in Tennessee, is engaging her students through a simple, yet powerful, experiment. On November 18, she posted a dated picture of herself holding a sign that asked her Facebook friends like the photo, hoping to demonstrate to her students how quickly an image can proliferate (and be convincingly edited) via the World Wide Web. And boy, did she prove her point. Julie’s picture has 391,000 Facebook likes and counting, and over 30,000 shares (not to mention, many doctored versions of her photo).  We at Roomer are proud to help Julie teach her students this invaluable life lesson.

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Tips for Your Thanksgiving Travel

thanksgiving travel tips

Every Thanksgiving, millions of Americans travel hundreds of miles across their country to dine with family and friends. In fact, Thanksgiving is the U.S.’s biggest travel day of the year, with over 43 million Americans (about 14% of the country) hitting the road for Turkey Day. And while so much of America unites in spirit of Thanksgiving (and the spirit of travel), this country-wide vacation weekend can lead to heavy traffic, long airport lines, and an overall pain in the neck.

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How to Spend your Winter in Paris

paris winter

The City of Light is especially well lit during the holiday season. Not only will there be lots to see, but there will also be lots to do. Find out what Paris might have in store for you this December.

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December in Miami–Art Basel

Art Basel Miami 2013

Whether you’re a Modern art aficionado or you’re still struggling to understand it, a Modern Art show is an ideal place to either nurture and develop an interest in contemporary art. This December, you can join Modern and contemporary art enthusiasts from around the world in the warm Miami winter as they gather for the 12th edition of Art Basel Miami. If the displays of large scale, unique, colorful beauty aren’t enough to pique your interest, you multi-task by viewing a few contemporary sculptures while laying out on the Miami shore. If you want to experience the 2013 show, it’s not too late to get your tickets–you can purchase them online here.

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