Places to Visit in Rome

If you’re planning to go to Europe, Rome is probably near the top of your list of “must see cities.” It is one of the world’s most beautiful ancient cities and it contains loads of priceless works of art, churches, basilicas, piazzas, museums, theatres and more. La Dolce Vita will charm you: experience the Italian language as music to your ears, delve into the delightful Italian cuisine and get swept away by the handsome Italian men and beautiful Italian women.

Personally, I fell in love with Rome. I visited the typical touristic hubs, which I found both intellectually engaging and aesthetically pleasing. However, what I enjoyed most in Rome were the small, charming restaurants on every corner—which all serve delicious food—and the warm vibes from the locals, which make even international patrons feel welcome and appreciated.

The best way to explore the city is by foot. That way, you can get a good look at the majestic architecture, shop on the most famous and luxurious streets (such as Via Veneto and Via del Corso), wander off into cute little alleys, enjoy a gelato or espresso when you take a break, and soak up the best of Rome.

piazza navona2

In addition to my personal love story with Rome, here is my list of places not to miss “when in Rome”:

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Dog Friendly Beaches

A day at the beach is always better with your furry friend in tow, but sadly, dogs aren’t welcome at all beaches. In fact, many beaches don’t allow dogs at all and if they do, often they’re only permitted on leashes. At Roomer, we believe in man’s best friend’s right to frolic freely on the sandy shores, which is why we’ve compiled this handy list of dog friendly beaches around the U.S.

Take your dog to these dog friendly beaches around the U.S.

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Moscow Winter Festival

December is arguably the most beautiful time of the year: Christmas is coming up, there are festive decorations hanging everywhere, some cities are covered with snow, and the holiday spirit fills in the air. During this time of year, the streets of Europe are often crowded with fun and interesting Christmas markets. People get into the Christmas spirit by selling food and warm drinks, enjoying music and gathering around the fireplace.

If you’ve got some extra vacation time (and money) and you want to make this  year’s Christmas celebration extra special, you might want to head to Russia for the Moscow Winter Festival.

Get in the Holiday Spirit at the Moscow Winter Festival

Get in the Holiday Spirit at the Moscow Winter Festival

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There’s Always Next Year: Selling Your Hotel Room for the Big Game

Being a sports fan definitely has its ups and downs (trust me–as a die-hard Cleveland sports fan I have loads of experience with losing seasons).  This past week of college football left fans either jumping for joy or drowning their sorrows in more beer.  Either way, the results are in and the BCS Bowl Games are set.

Sadly, the Buckeyes won't be heading to the Rose Bowl this year...

Sadly, the Buckeyes won’t be heading to the National Championship this year…

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December in Berlin

It’s December once again. Cue the Christmas Carols, holiday lights, and general holiday happiness. Now, cue Berlin.

christmas in berlin

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