Best Beers in the World: Drink Your Way Through Belgium and Germany

One of the greatest things about traveling is tasting the local cuisine and exploring the culture. In Belgium and Germany, one big part of their cuisine and culture is beer—both countries are home to tons of different beer brands which produce some of the best beers in the world!

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Music Festivals 2014

You know summer is around the corner when the festival lineups start flooding our social media feeds. The snow starts to melt, and the stages start to come out. While the music is always the feature attraction, everything from silent auctions and art installations, to swimming in lighted fountains and playing lawn games makes these festivals worth the trip. But it is important to plan ahead, so buy your tickets and accommodations as soon as possible! Here are some of our top picks:

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Hotel Rooms for Spring Break 2014

If you’re looking for that last minute escape from school, work, or just the cold weather in general, you’ve found the right place. Take an adventure and tour a city you’ve never been to before, or sit back and take in the sun on a beautiful beach. With our huge discounts on hotel rooms for Spring Break, you’ll forget about work completely. Check them out!

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Off the Beaten Path: Discover Magical Unknown Destinations

Always wanted to discover unknown, beautiful, magical places, but just didn’t know where to go? We can help you with that; here are our suggestions for uncovering the world’s best-kept secrets.

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Eurail: 27 Countries with One Ticket

Europe is an incredibly condensed, pocket-sized continent. In the time it would take you to drive from L.A. to San Francisco, you could have crossed three entire countries. That’s how small it is; at least in the eyes of Americans. As I’m from Belgium, I often get asked the question: how come you never drive down to Paris for dinner?? For reference: Paris is about 3½ hours away by car.


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