Buses, Trains and Relationships

We’ve been fortunate enough to witness some of Hollywood’s greatest cinematic moments that have taken place on a bus or train. There’s something about the long ride and winding roads that lead to new friendships and unexpected experiences. We chose a few outstanding films featuring our favorite scenes on the road. Book your next bus or train ticket with Wanderu and perhaps stumble upon your next destined adventure.

1.  Forrest Gump (1994)
It’s hard to forget the scene on the bus when Forrest Gump meets who would be the love of his life, Jenny. In one of the most memorable scenes of the movie, Jenny politely invites Forrest to sit next to her when everyone else on the bus had already refused him a seat. What would later turn to be an ultimately beautiful companionship all started with the invitation to an empty seat on a bus. Remember this next time you see someone looking for a seat!

2. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001)

Yes, the Hogwarts Express totally counts as a train. And if we remember correctly, the greatest of friendships began on this convoy. Although this trio may be thought of in a less romantic, but rather cordial light, the first encounter on the train was the beginning to an extraordinarily loyal and loving spellbinding (pun intended) friendship.  You never know what friends you might make on your next train journey; they could last you for life.

3.  Almost Famous (2000)
In what is arguably the most memorable scene of the film, the collective tribute to Elton John’s Tiny Dancer concentrates the emotional focal point of the movie. With tension between band mates in the atmosphere, Elton’s musical masterpiece plays on the radio and charms the gang to sing along to the uniting melody and reminds them their true reason for living an “on the road” lifestyle. You may be able to get away with a sing-along like this if you play this tune next time you’re on the bus.

4.  Before Sunset (2004)
Have you ever done something completely impulsive and uncharacteristic of yourself? This film takes you on a romantic journey of two strangers who met on a train to Vienna. Jesse and Celine are a classic example of the positive outcomes that can come from taking a risk in romance. After Jesse convinces Celine to get off the train with him, they spend one magical night in the city together and only meet again for the second time nine years later. On your next train expedition, be spontaneous! You do not want to wonder what could have been…

5.  Speed (1994)
The epic scene of a bus jumping over a massively gapped highway should resonate with everyone by now. What has been considered to be the main star of the film, this Big Blue Bus shocks us all with its ability to survive not only the massive leap, but Keanu and Sandra’s romance as well. A little fun fact for you; the bus jump scene was not even originally in the script. The director thought of it one day passing a freeway under construction on his way to work. Could you imagine this movie without it’s winning scene?! Perhaps it’s not the most desirable ending to a bus ride, you could even call it a “bus trip gone wrong,” but still the cherry on top of a classic film.

Already feeling adventurous? Book your next bus or train ticket on wanderu.com and be open to the new friendships waiting to be made along your journey. Even if you feel like you’ve gotten lost on your spontaneous quest, Wanderu performs “live routing” that combines several travel routes to find the most accessible trips that are not served by any direct route; giving you the chance to wander(u) freely!


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