Disney Tips: Feed your Family Without Breaking the Bank

Going to Disney is a wonderful experience for the entire family, especially for the kids. They can explore this magical world filled with their favorite Disney characters. However, for the parents, a trip to Disney can leave a hole in the wallet. Not everyone knows it, but there are many ways to save on food whilst enjoying your time at Disney!
Here are our tips on how to feed your family at Disney without breaking the bank.


Experience the magic of Disney World

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New York City: 5 Attractions only Available in December


New York City during in December is unlike anything else. Since Christmas is widely celebrated in New York City, the city is decorated with glittery lights, department stores put up beautiful window displays, the snow transforms the city into a magical winter wonderland and the holiday vibes fill the entire city.

Here are five New York City attractions exclusively available in December, so you can enjoy this once-a-year festive atmosphere to its fullest.

Want to spend December in NYC? We’ll help you find your room. 

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Asia: The Hotels of the Future

Science fiction movies have given us a vision of what the future may look like: all brand new and modern equipment, lights, sensors and gadgets everywhere, tall buildings with impressive views and remote wireless access to anything and everything. What once seemed like a distant fantasy is now becoming closer and closer to the reality in which we live.

The futuristic movement is taking hold in some new hotels in Asia; or as we call them, the hotels of the future. Here are a few that are leading the way.

Singapore: Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands features three 55-story hotel towers connected by a sky terrace on the roof (Sands SkyPark).

The enormous hotel features a mall, a museum, two large theaters, seven celebrity chef restaurants, two floating Crystal Pavilions, an ice skating rink, and the world’s largest atrium casino with almost 500 tables and over 2500 slot machines. Valued at $8 billion, the hotel has the reputation as the world’s most expensive casino property.

Besides all that, the Marina Bay Sands’ most impressive features are its 340 meter SkyPark (with observation deck) and of course their 150 meter infinity pool, which is the longest elevated swimming pool in the world. Take a swim over to the pool’s ledge, where you can enjoy the most beautiful view of Singapore.

The infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is the longest elevated pool in the world. Photo by Flickr user Luca Sartoni.

The infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is the longest elevated pool in the world. Photo by Flickr user Luca Sartoni.

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Souvenirs Around the World: What to Bring Home From Your Vacation

And no, I don't recommend a snow globe.

And no, I don’t recommend a snow globe.

One of my favorite things about traveling is bringing back a souvenir for family or friends, or a just treating yours truly to a little something. In French, a “souvenir” literally translates to “a memory,” a suitable name for these mementos that remind us of fun times on vacation and mark the countries we’ve passed through.

Drawing from my own personal experiences (and Google), I’ve compiled a list of suggested souvenirs to bring home from some popular travel destinations.

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Communicating With the Locals While You’re Abroad


Traveling is eye-opening, educational, and mainly just a lot of fun. But if you’re venturing abroad, communicating with the local people can sometimes be tricky once you’re out and about. Not everyone speaks English (surprise!), and without even a (very) basic knowledge of the local language, you could find yourself stuck with no clue as to what’s going on around you.

So, we wanted to provide you with the basics of the basics–a few common phrases to help you order dinner at a restaurant, find a bathroom, or tell a cab driver where you’re going.

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