Souvenirs Around the World: What to Bring Home From Your Vacation

And no, I don't recommend a snow globe.

And no, I don’t recommend a snow globe.

One of my favorite things about traveling is bringing back a souvenir for family or friends, or a just treating yours truly to a little something. In French, a “souvenir” literally translates to “a memory,” a suitable name for these mementos that remind us of fun times on vacation and mark the countries we’ve passed through.

Drawing from my own personal experiences (and Google), I’ve compiled a list of suggested souvenirs to bring home from some popular travel destinations.

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Electronic Music in Amsterdam this October

Amsterdam is known for it’s widespread free-spirit, alternative modes of transportations, and uniquely beautiful canals. And this October, Amsterdam will function as the capital of electronic music with the five day Amsterdam Dance Event. ADE features electronic music from all over the world. This international display of techno music includes 450 different festivals and concerts with over 2,000 lives artists. And the event doesn’t only feature musical performances–over the course of the convention, you can also listen to panels and discussions.

One of Amsterdam’s idyllic canals.

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