Disney Tips: Feed your Family Without Breaking the Bank

Going to Disney is a wonderful experience for the entire family, especially for the kids. They can explore this magical world filled with their favorite Disney characters. However, for the parents, a trip to Disney can leave a hole in the wallet. Not everyone knows it, but there are many ways to save on food whilst enjoying your time at Disney!
Here are our tips on how to feed your family at Disney without breaking the bank.


Experience the magic of Disney World

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Your Essential Travel Checklist: 3 Things for Winter in Frankfurt, Germany

What should you bring along on your trip to Frankfurt, Germany?

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Your Essential Travel Checklist for Any Vacation

Deciding what to pack is one of the harder aspects of vacationing–it’s tough to strike that fine balance between overpacking, underpacking, and packing perfectly. We at Roomer have put together a basic packing list to make things a little easier for you :)

Of course, we know that every vacation requires a different packing list. But here are some universal items that you should toss in your bag, whether you’re traveling for two days, or two years.

Pack light… but don’t forget the essentials!

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City Spotlight: Milan

Dreaming of Italy? Well, today’s your lucky day. If you’re in the mood to jet off to Milan this month, we’ve got a five star hotel at 62% off and a lot of great ideas for how you should spend your time there.

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Eat Your Way Through Paris for a Day

Paris’s iconic Eiffel Tower.

Sure, you’ve had croissants in New York, macarons in San Francisco, or crepes in Chicago, but nobody does French food quite like the French.

We kept all globe-trotting foodies in mind when we created this basic guide to Parisian cuisine. Though keep in mind that this is just your starter-kit–Paris has more good food to eat than we could fit in a single blog post. Bon appetit!

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