Free Things to Do in New York City

Always wanted to visit New York City, but find all the tourist attractions too expensive? Here are the things you can do or visit in New York City, for FREE!

new york

Behold New York City’s beautiful skyline.

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Most Beautiful Castle Hotels Around Europe

Have you always dreamt of staying at a huge magical castle, just like in the fairytales? Well, your dream might just come true! There are castles that have been transformed into hotels; they look ancient and impressive from the outside, and are absolutely charming on the inside!

Amberley Castle, England
Dating all the way back to Henry I in 1100, the Amberley Castle is one of England’s best castle hotels; with an original medieval architecture, it has elegant rooms and luxurious landscaped gardens. Each of the 19 rooms is designed in a unique way, and it has the most beautiful views of the picturesque village and countryside!

England's most famous castle.

Behold England’s most famous castle.

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Romantic Vacation Destinations

While Valentines Day has past, it is never too late to surprise that special someone with a romantic getaway. Whether you are looking to sightsee, lay by the ocean, or just eat at some amazing restaurants; there is a perfect destination for every couple. Check out some of our favorites spots!

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Your Essential Travel Checklist for Any Vacation

Deciding what to pack is one of the harder aspects of vacationing–it’s tough to strike that fine balance between overpacking, underpacking, and packing perfectly. We at Roomer have put together a basic packing list to make things a little easier for you :)

Of course, we know that every vacation requires a different packing list. But here are some universal items that you should toss in your bag, whether you’re traveling for two days, or two years.

Pack light… but don’t forget the essentials!

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16 Great Places to Admire Fall Foliage

For much of the world, September brings an incredible array of colors. We‘ve put together a list to help you pick your travel destination this fall.

Where should you go to see autumn at its finest?

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