Must-Have Travel Apps for Your Next Vacation

These days, our smartphones are with us everywhere we go, whether we are at home or out and about. Since our phones are always on hand, why not put them to use on vacation? Check out this list of apps for your smartphone that you cannot go without on your next vacation!

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Best Hotel Bathrooms

For April Fools Day, online booking engine, Kayak, allowed its users to search for and book hotel rooms based on one single factor: bathrooms.

We got a kick out of the idea, which inspired us to bring you a list of the world’s most intriguing hotel bathrooms. From over-the-top luxury to unfathomable views, these are not your ordinary bathrooms. Trust us… you’ll never want to leave!

1. Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah – The rest of the world has a funny way of disappearing when you have a window like this next to your bath tub.

Photo courtesy of Amanresorts

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Best Kept Secrets of Las Vegas Hotels

When you think of Las Vegas, you probably think of things like gambling, casinos, the Strip, partying, and other activities of the like. What you don’t think of are the hotels and casinos themselves and the many secrets and unknown facts behind them. We’ve compiled a list of these for you so on your next trip to Vegas, you will be able to explore them and use some of them to make your stay even better.

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Users Share Their Experiences Using Roomer to Sell Hotel Reservations

Roomer has helped hundreds of people sell hotel reservationsall over the world. It’s success stories like the ones we’ve posted here that inspire us to continue building and growing the marketplace to sell nonrefundable hotel reservations.

Catch a glimpse into the experience of using Roomer to sell nonrefundable hotel reservations directly from the people who’ve done it. Betcha can relate to at least one of these stories ;)

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How to Sell a Nonrefundable Hotel Reservation

Life happens, and sometimes plans change. But you shouldn’t  let your hotel reservation, let alone your money, go to waste. At Roomer Travel, we’re here to take the stress out of canceling a hotel reservation, and we take this mission very seriously. Follow these easy steps to avoid cancellation fees and sell a nonrefundable hotel reservation!

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 5.04.10 PM

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