World’s Weirdest and Most Bizarre Buildings

Always thought the Tower of Pisa was unique and impressive? Here’s your chance to discover the most strange and bizarre buildings that are far more impressive and unique in their kind…simply amazing!

Royal Ontario Museum, Canada

The Museum was founded in 1912, and was originally designed in Neo-Romanesque style. The additional part—the crystal shaped building—was opened in 2007 and is made out of 25% glass and 75% aluminum.  Continue reading


Users Share Their Experiences Using Roomer to Sell Hotel Reservations

Roomer has helped hundreds of people sell hotel reservationsall over the world. It’s success stories like the ones we’ve posted here that inspire us to continue building and growing the marketplace to sell nonrefundable hotel reservations.

Catch a glimpse into the experience of using Roomer to sell nonrefundable hotel reservations directly from the people who’ve done it. Betcha can relate to at least one of these stories ;)

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Free Things to Do in New York City

Always wanted to visit New York City, but find all the tourist attractions too expensive? Here are the things you can do or visit in New York City, for FREE!

new york

Behold New York City’s beautiful skyline.

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Most Beautiful Castle Hotels Around Europe

Have you always dreamt of staying at a huge magical castle, just like in the fairytales? Well, your dream might just come true! There are castles that have been transformed into hotels; they look ancient and impressive from the outside, and are absolutely charming on the inside!

Amberley Castle, England
Dating all the way back to Henry I in 1100, the Amberley Castle is one of England’s best castle hotels; with an original medieval architecture, it has elegant rooms and luxurious landscaped gardens. Each of the 19 rooms is designed in a unique way, and it has the most beautiful views of the picturesque village and countryside!

England's most famous castle.

Behold England’s most famous castle.

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Romantic Ideas For Your Valentine’s Day in London

Theoretically, Valentine’s Day sounds great. But in practice, it’s a lot of pressure and planning. Luckily, we’re here to help you think of a special way to celebrate. Whether you’ll be heading to London for a Valentine’s Day getaway, or you’re just looking for a romantic way to spend Valentine’s in your home city, there are plenty of out of the ordinary activities in London for both couples and singles to celebrate their love (or singledom).

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